Club moves to Oulder Hill Community School. Mick Hyde rejoins the Club as a senior member.
September 18th – played in 3rd U16 National Championships at Hoyland coming 6th against teams from York (Winners) Hoyland Sharks (Runners-up), Doncaster, Slough and Batley Argonauts.
October - Junior team played Hazel Grove and were beaten 5-2. Senior Team drew 0-0
February – Junior team played Flying Fin at Heywood. Team: R Macdonald, S Griffiths, S Lagoski, J Simms, M Sherlock, S Knight, R Chadwick. Result not recorded.
March – Junior team played Doncaster at Doncaster. Result not recorded.
June - Participated in NORFED Snorkellers Gala at Batley Sports Centre
Senior Team accepted back into Yorkshire League Division 2
Moved up the National Ladder from position 95 to 70 during this year.
Club sponsored swim raised £85 in aid of the National Association of Swimming Clubs for the Handicapped and the British Octopush Association National Team fund for the World Octopush Championship in New Zealand 1986.
Mick Hyde takes over organisation of senior team
Hosted NORFED Snorkellers Gala at Rochdale Pool – It’s a Knockout competition
Senior team became Aquacrazies with Sponsorship from local dive shop of that name.
Saturday Snorkelling club started with grant from Metro Rochdale.
Underwater Hockey Club formed.
February – Filmed for Granada Reports
July – Senior team (Aquacrazies) take part in sporting challenge with local American football team (Cobras) As expected Aquacrazies win the octopush match 7-2, and Cobras win the American football match 36-14.
November – Played in Junior Octopush Challenge at Warrington against teams from Birmingham, Thames Valley, Sawston, Slough, Batley, Hoyland and Warrington.
Entered Snorkellers Challenge at Clitheroe
Lionel Blandford hands over the NSC to BSAC. Club becomes BSAC branch 3052.
March - Senior team played in Liverpool Uni Invitation Tournament coming 6th.
July – Played in National Junior Octopush Championships at Hoyland Sports Centre.
Aquacrazies moved up from position 41 to 36 on National Ladder and 4th in Yorkshire League.
Junior team were position 12 on Junior team ladder.
October - Hosted 2nd Rochdale Octopush Challenge Tournament at Rochdale Baths. Teams present: Xarifa, Xavarian, Leeds Freedivers, UK Ladies, Sale, Rochdale Aquacrazies