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Team GB Fundraising (Bulletin 233)

8th October 2013


Octopush E-News Bulletin 233
Team GB Fundraising
Dear Membership,
Team GB is in need of a person or persons to be responsible and  fundraising and sponsorship activities to try and reduce the financial burden on players for championships in the upcoming years.
2015 World Age Group Championships (likely Spain) - £1,500 pp estimated cost
2016 World Championships (likely South Africa) - £2,000 pp estimated cost
2017 World Age Group Championships (likely Far East, Phillipines has been talked about) - £2,200 pp estimated cost
2018 World Championships (like Colombia) - £2,500 pp estimated cost
This means cost wise Team GB will be having to spend approximately £455,500 in order to have 8 squads participating at those events.
Nearly half a million pounds…
If you would like to do this role please email me at squadsmgr@gbuwh.co.uk to discuss the role further and what you can offer.
One of the things that can help is for family and friends of BOA members to use the following link to buy their online goods.
Every purchase makes a little contribution to the Team GB cause. With Christmas coming up and using it throughout the year there is a chance this could be a significant income stream in the future.
You need to sign up and then access your online retailer through this site, a % contribution is then made to Team GB for every purchase you have made. The more money spent the bigger the contribution.
Thanks for reading and hopefully your support.
Andrew Stillwell
Andrew Stillwell