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Team and Squad Registration document (Bulletin 251)

30th August 2015

Octopush E-News Bulletin 251


Team and Squad Registration document


The Team and Squad registration document has been changed by the BOA Committee.

This document sets out the rules for forming teams who may take part in BOA tournaments.

The document is available on the BOA web site -  log on to the BOA web site, click on 'About UWH/Octopush' click on 'Documents' filter 'Competitions' and click on 'Team Registration Document Version 1.4'

The objective of the document is to ensure a fair set of rules to prevent teams bringing in strong players from other teams or from abroad at the last minute to try to gain an unfair advantage over other teams while allowing foreign players who are residing in this country the opportunity to join a UK or Republic of Ireland team.

The document sets out different levels of competition from local, national, regional and international and age limit, all of which may have different teams.

A Squad is any number of players who might be chosen to be part of a team of 12.

A new rule requires squad representatives to register by 1st January each year all  members of their squad who might be picked for a team .

All UK or Republic of Ireland passport holders, or permanent UK or Republic of Ireland  residents, are eligible for BOA competition as long as they are BOA members.

Non UK or ROI must be BOA members for 30 days immediately prior to the tournament or the first tournament in a series.

Non UK or ROI members who have resided in the UK or ROI for 3 months after 1st September will be eligible for BOA tournaments. 

Please note: These rules apply to BOA members. It can take up to 14 days to process a membership. Therefore if a non UK or ROI player wishes to play in a BOA tournament they must have applied for BOA membership at least 44 days before the competition and resided in the UK or ROI for 30 days immediately before the competition as a registered BOA member.

There are other rules within the document referring to players changing squads or teams, including a change which allows a player to play for a different team at Nautilus with the permission of the Competitions Manager. This allows players who may play in a national team to play for their local club at Nautilus if the Competitions Manager agrees.

Ken Kirby


British Octopush Association


Ken Kirby