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World Age Groups 2019 (Bulletin 246)

12th June 2016

Octopush E-News Bulletin 246


World Age Groups 2019

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    World Age Groups 2019


World Age Groups 2019

Over the 9 months efforts have been made to have the World Age Groups 2019 take place at Ponds Forge in Sheffield.
Whilst not 100% there we are very close to agreement with the pool and council, underwater filming, hotel booking and training camp weekends for both Quebec and Sheffield have been agreed.
The next stage is for a bid pack to be created and for that we need a logo, shown below are some of the logos that have been recently created.
Castellon Age Groups Logo

Cape Town 2016

Quebec 2018

So the next stage is to come up with some options which I hope to display at Nautilus in October to enable a final design to be chosen.

Can you please send designs in a jpeg format to committee@gbuwh.co.uk. with the deadline being 1st September 2016


Andrew Stillwell


Andrew Stillwell