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BOA National Raffle (Bulletin 252)

14th November 2017

Octopush E-News Bulletin 252


BOA National Raffle


Dear Member




Vicki Maynard is coordinating our BOA National Raffle to raise funds towards hosting the Age Group World Championships in Sheffield 2019. 



All clubs have been contacted and some have agreed to sell  tickets themselves, but if your club hasn’t, and you’d like to buy some yourself or could help in coordinating sales across your club, please contact Vicki and she will happy to provide some tickets for you.  Tickets cost £1 each and the first prize is an iPad, with the raffle being drawn on Sunday 8th April 2018.


Every ticket sold will help to make the Championships in Sheffield the best they can be and will provide a great tournament for our up and coming players.  I hope that everybody will get behind this fundraising and buy a  few tickets – it really is for a great cause!


Vicki’s email is raffle(at)gbuwh.co.uk phone 07973287788 or she can be contacted via our Facebook Pages.


Many thanks, the BOA



Phil Thompson