The Committee - 2019

 AGM February 10th 2019 @ Spectrum Guildford 7.30 in the bar area


Gavin, Kirsten, Paul, Kevin, Keith, Emily, Rob, Fred, Ryan, Scott Bree, Mrs Bree, Jon Linin


Jen, Steph, Ed

 Minutes of last AGM:

Acceptance of the minutes: Proposed by Kevin & Seconded by Gavin

 Reports from committee


Welcome to all


We have benefitted from £1k funding from GBC last year for the new Barriers.

2 try it events at Spectrum and Go Fest went well but has not translated to any new members.

We have two members who went to Hobart last summer – Lorna & Emily… and an ex member Christophe

Lido goals have been refreshed by Kevin - thanks.

Hosted 2018 Junior Nationals.  Thank Kevin for barriers, Paul, Sue & Julia Dickenson for organising, Jon for arranging sponsorship deal


BBpush was a mix and match in 2017 and normal in 2018 – which is preferred for this year?

Semis Steph is organising the team – we are 21 of 24 so will have a tough time

GUWH sent a good number to the Totton tournament.

Social events still running, prawle, curries.  Pancakes set for 5th March this year – Paul to book the hall.


We are still solvent but largely due to donations.  We broke even on the Juniors Nationals.

Glow puck is missing??

Kevin has a mirror donated by David that can be used for training

We have 3 new donated trophies.

Car stickers from Jon - £1 each.  There are also GUWH key rings available.

Lido fees appear to have gone down to £85 per hour from £90, no response yet on Spectrum fees.

BBpush to be 20th July.

Prawle 13th July weekend.


We continue to use the website to publish the timetable, results and guidance on equipment. Membership renewals and registering members for 2018-2019 ran smoothly this year.

  We have the following membership

Standard 15 (was 20)

Student 8 (was 10)

Junior  17 (was 13)

Total 45 (was 43)


More than last year but mostly juniors.  Adult numbers are declining and some are not regular.  A couple are trying out soon but the club needs adults to run in the longer term.

No Associate Members from other clubs.

We continue with termly fee for juniors and have a few PAYG where they cannot attend regularly.  There have been problems when secretary is on leave working out who has paid.

Equipment – J Linin.

John has had a watching brief cleaning up kit every few months – it needs doing soon.  We have enough fins – it is noted that juniors don’t often have their own because growing feet means they don’t fit for long.  Consider including a kit surcharge on junior fees. 

We do lose the odd sticks and gloves wear out.  Glove making session proposed.  Paul to book a room.

We have 3 pairs of hats left for sale and about 10 mouthguards.

 Junior Coaching

Junior Coach – Paul Mitchell  

We have good numbers at the moment and U14 won bronze in the junior nationals

We will have teams for the junior nationals in April at Ponds Forge.  4 are trying for the junior age tournament: Alex, Emily, Abi & Lorna.


Thanks to members for helping coach juniors – Kevin, Ed, Steph, Jen.



Player of the year – Alex Mitchell

Junior player of the year – Abi Hibberd with Izzy a close second

Star of the year – John Linin for all his hard work organising

 Election of officers

Chair - Gavin

Treasurer – Kevin

Secretary – Kirsten

Junior Coach - Paul

Equipment - John Linin




John said the local pool in Aldershot could be available for 3 hours on a Saturday afternoon for a junior tournament – proposals tabled for consideration

Also note that the west London pool is closing for refurb so we should try to attract some visitors.

 Club Kit

 We have purchased more fins and pucks. We also have some extra Junior gloves

Gavin has spare snorkel bites and mask straps to be fitted.

It was agreed we should retire some of the older gloves.

 Meeting Closed @ 9pm