Belfast Underwater Hockey Club

Belfast UWH was first established in 2014 and since then we have grown into a diverse club with members from all over the world, various ages and skill levels. Our members represent both Belfast and student members, Queens University Belfast, at numerous tournaments throughout the year including BOA competitions, Student Nationals, Irish League games, and occassionally European International tournaments. We encourage everyone on the team to compete as often as they're able. On occason, we also organise social events ranging from activity days, like visits to Let's go Hydro, and our annual Christmas Dinner to name a few. 


Octopush/ Underwater hockey is a non-contact sport played at the bottom of a two-meter pool. Teams consist of six players in the water and four subs with possession kept by using speed, skill, manoeuvrability and breath holding. Our coaches aim to cover a wide range of areas, and we look forward to learning and growing as a club. 


We have a kit locker consisting of: masks, fins, gloves, sticks, snorkels, hats, and, gloves which we can provide to new players, so all you need is yourself and your swimming costume.  


Sessions take place at Queens sport PEC at the following times: 

Mondays: 8 pm – 9.30 pm Main pool


To find the "Main pool" please walk through the entrance, past the security gate, go down the long corridor ito the right and at up the stairs at the end to find the pool entrance. 


We are currently the only club in Northern Ireland so if you are an experienced player passing through, or a beguiner with swimming/divng experience, come along and we'll see what you can do!  


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