Islington Octopush Club (IsOC)                          (Reviewed 03/09/16)

 Welcome to ISOC (Islington Octopush Club)

 We are always happy to see new people of any skill level, age or sex: if you can swim we can teach you to snorkel, if you can snorkel we can teach you to play Underwater Hockey and enjoy it.  

ISOC training sessions are Thursday nights 20:30-21.30 at St George's Pool, Shadwell.

All players are required to adhere to the ISOC 'code of conduct' and be either members of the BOA or covered under the BOA 'Free UWH Trial' scheme. 

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What's Octopush

Please vist the York Octopush page (below) for an explanation of Octopush:

IsOC Training

  We normal have 2 - 3 novice players under going training and 15 to 20 players ranging from beginners to internationals and several exinternational player!

Existing players:

New players:

  Contact Nia (Membership Officer) niaphi at                                 replace at with @

We can supply all the equipmentyou need (mask, fins, gloves, hat and snorkel) for those who just want to have ago or have yet to made up their minds. You do HAVE to bring your own swimming gear and towel.

 We play for an hour every Thursday night at St Georges Pool, so be on the pool side on time.  

  Islington Octopush (Underwater Hockey) Club started out over 40 years ago as a BSAC (British Sub-Aqua Club) Octopush team. We are now independent members of the British Octopush Association (BOA), but still have links with several diving clubs and many of our players continue to dive.

Contact Detail (replace 'at' with @)
Nia (Membership Officer) - niaphi at
Donald (Chairman)- at