Underwater Hockey Club






Welcome to the Weymouth & Portland Octopush Club (W&POC).

We meet every Sunday 6-7pm at Osprey Leisure Centre on Portland (DT5 IBD)

Come along for a first free session to see what it is all about.

All you need to bring are your swim things and a mask, fins & a snorkel if you have them.   If not we have a small selection to loan to you.

You can get further information by e-mailing linda.octopush@hotmail.co.uk






Indiividual and Team  Development

After a bit of a slow re-start in September we now have a vibrant group of intrepid \'Octopushers\'.   

We encourage as many as possible to acclimatise themselves with diving and practicing in the deep end during the 15 minute warm up / skills time at the beginning of the session.

Then, a few weeks ago, we played the full length of the pool, changing ends after each gull was scored for as long as we felt we could and managed 10 or 15 minutes and then reverted to playing across in the shallow end.  We did this each week until last week, 1st December.  With 15 players (12 in the water at any time) and a referee (not a very good one, I admit) we kept going for the whole of the remainder of the session !!!!  Goodness will we be a fit team - if we can continue !!! 

Playing the length of the pool shows any weaknesses in team work and tactics and is proving very good for developing these skills and we will, of course, continue to use the first 15 minutes of each session to develop personal skills.

Many thanks to Bournmouth players who come along for a game and to help and encourage us.


We have put gum shields on all the snorkel that will take them (without valves) and bought a set of white polo caps which we are selling to members at a subsidised rate of £5.00 each.  We will shortly get a blue set as well.

Now is the right time to investigate getting some gullies - rumour has it that Southsea have a spare set.  We will chase them and if this fails will investigate getting them made locally.