Dewsbury Underwater Hockey Team

Want to Play?


Who's Welcome

Everyone! Well ... nearly! As it is a physically demanding sport played underwater it would be very beneficial if you are at least an 'average' swimmer who is reasonably confident with swimming underwater. If you have not undertaken excercise recently it might be a good idea to check with your GP first before embarking in the best team sport in the world. That aside just pop along to one of the sessions.

First Timers

If you've never played before don't worry. Just give it a go ... come along to one of our sessions and we'll take you through all the basics! First sessions are free.

You'll need to bring a costume and if you have a mask, snorkel and fins then bring them along too, if not it's not important. We'll be able to loan you kit for the first few sessions until you decide if the sport is your bag - Just let us know you're coming.

We have an area of the pool where you can be coached and practice the basics before taking part in a game. 

Seasoned Players

If you've been playing hockey a while and you're looking to join a new club come and join us! Our regular training sessions field some strong players not only from our own team but we have frequent visitors each week of a very high calibre and you can be sure of a good competitive work out.