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The Worcester Octopush Club

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We are associated with Worcester Divers and a number of our players are also Divers with this BSAC registered club.

We play octopush (underwater hockey) every Thursday at the Perdiswell Leisure Centre. We have the pool from 8:15pm until 9:15pm, so we meet in the entrance from around 7.45pm.

We have both British Octopush Association (BOA) players and British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC) Snorkel Players currently around 20No strong with new players joining all the time.

Octopush is a fast paced game played entirely underwater. Players try to score goals by using a short stick to push a lead puck along the bottom of the pool and into a trough shaped goal. Players use snorkels (no SCUBA kit allowed!) so all of this is done whilst holding your breath and trying to keep possession of the puck. If you’re interested, more details can be found on the British Octopush Association.

We have a fantastic pool, with a movable bottom, meaning that we play at 2m on a flat bottom (so you’re never having to push the puck up a slope!).


If you've never played before, we have kit we can lend you and our experienced players are happy to organise introductory sessions.  If you want to have a go, contact us and we can make sure someone’s around to meet you.

We have players aged 16years right up 67years both male and female we are a very friendly bunch and always welcome new players.

Go on give it a try!!