Phil Parkin from Stoke for many years was the custodian of the NW league.


He has kindly agreed that Damien McNulty (07754884296) takes over the fixtures for 2012-2013.


Below is the NW league fixtures and also national competiton events.

Anyone who wishes to follow the NW league calendar can do so at:



NW Fixture Listing (12.08.2012)    
  Home Team Day Visiting Team
22/10/2012 SouthPort B  Monday Liverpool Uni
22/10/2012 Trafford Monday Stoke
22/10/2012 Rochdale Monday Xarifa
05/11/2012 Xarifa Monday Trafford
05/11/2012 Liverpool Uni Monday Stoke
05/11/2012 Rochdale Monday SouthPort B 
10/11/2012 Division 1,2,3 Nautilus Sheffield
11/11/2012 Division 4,5,6 Nautilus Sheffield
17/11/2012 Stoke Saturday Trafford
19/11/2012 SouthPort B  Monday Xarifa
19/11/2012 Liverpool Uni Monday Trafford
24/11/2012 Stoke Saturday Xarifa
10/12/2012 SouthPort B  Monday Stoke
10/12/2012 Xarifa Monday Liverpool Uni
12/01/2013 Stoke Saturday SouthPort B 
14/01/2013 Trafford Monday SouthPort B 
14/01/2013 Rochdale Monday Liverpool Uni
21/01/2013 Trafford Monday Xarifa
28/01/2013 Liverpool Uni Monday Xarifa
28/01/2013 SouthPort B  Monday Trafford
02/02/2013 Stoke Saturday Liverpool Uni
11/02/2013 Xarifa Monday SouthPort B 
11/02/2013 Trafford Monday Liverpool Uni
11/02/2013 Rochdale Monday Stoke
February   National Preliminaries TBC
04/03/2013 Xarifa Monday Stoke
04/03/2013 Liverpool Uni Monday SouthPort B 
04/03/2013 Rochdale Monday Trafford
9th March   MOT Manchester Aquatics
23rd March   Ladies Nationals Leeds
20th April   National Qualifers Leeds
21st April   National Qualifers Leeds
29th June   National Finals Sheffield