Sawston Octopush Covid-19 - Player Checklist

Version 2, 2 October 2020

This is a checklist which we will change to match a changing situation.

This checklist is only for Sawston pool, as agreed with the pool management. If there are any problems, report them and obey instructions from pool staff on the day.

Before you start

Ensure you are healthy and free of quarantine/isolation periods
Read the risk assessment from the pool
Read our full BOA guidance
Be prepared to cooperate if there is a notified contact
+ "Cooperate" means quarantine, isolate or be tested
By the end of Tuesday (5pm):
+ Say you want to play
+ Give the Covid Cooordinator (Dai) your contact details (phone number)
+ and permission to share those details with the pool
If you have not done all the above, by WhatsApp or email, YOU CANNOT PLAY

Before you set out for a session:

Check that you've been allocated a team place by WhatsApp
Do you have all your kit?
+ add antifogging agent for your mask
+ a towel or gown adequate to change at poolside or in the car park afterwards
Travel in minimal clothes (over swimwear): tee shirt, shorts, sandals/flip-flops
+ change to this level in the car park if you prefer

Pool diagram


First person at the pool alerts Reception
+ Lifeguard opens the external fire exit door in the lifeguard/kit cupboard
Move in pre-arranged teams to your allocated shallow/deep end
We all enter by that door (face coverings are optional at the poolside)
Go to two metre spaced positions at each end
Drop bag, strip to swimwear and put on kit
ONE person carries the goals to each end, on side opposite fire exit
Enter the pool at your allocated end
+ Remember to use anti-fog solution or similar, NOT spit.
+ Start with a gentle on-surface warm-up


Obey the maximum number of people poolside and in the water
+ one group of 6 if using full pool
+ two separated groups of 6 if pool divided and marked
+ no substitutes
Space yourselves by 2m when starting and whenever on the surface
+ Use pool sides to start if too many for the pool ends
+ No goal celebrations, close-up chats on tactics, or similar
Remove snorkel and breathe out underwater before surfacing
Clear snorkel by tilting and re-insert in mouth before diving

Packing up/Exiting

ONE person carries the goals back, on side opposite fire exit
It will be OK to put on tee-shirt and shorts at poolside
+ keep covered while drying/changing - think beach, not changing room
Pack all gear
+ the changing rooms and lockers are closed except for poolside toilets
Leave the pool through the fire exit


Inform the club Covid Coordinator if:
+ you develop symptoms,
+ are tested positive or are contacted by NHS Track and Trace. Your name stays private - only the fact of a possible infection is shared onwards.
After 21 days, we don't need to keep Covid-19 records.