Contact Details


Chairman: Ben Easthope


Mobile phone: 07703 633164

Treasurer: Liz Easthope



Secretary: David Williams


Mobile phone: 07891 474235 (Call at most times; SMS text or WhatsApp anytime)

If you're looking for a game, we want to hear from you!

Whether you're a complete novice, an experienced player or an entire team, we would love to have you come and join us. We're also willing to travel reasonable distances to play other teams.

Please tell us how you want to hear our news

If you're playing regularly with us, we'd like your contact details.

It helps us keep you up to date with pool schedules, occasional closures and other news. Ideally, we'd like a mobile phone number and email address. We use both as little as reasonable and we don't share with other organisations.

Accidents and medical emergencies are very rare but when they do happen it's not the time to find out nobody knows how to tell your family or friends what's happened. We hope never to use an emergency contact, but...