We're trying to get out and about a bit more. We should be visiting other clubs and playing in any tournaments that will have us. Last edit: 24 Sep 2018

2018: Trips to Ipswich and St Albans, some surgery on our goals to make them portable, and September saw the always enjoyable mix and match at Totton. Nautilus booked.

2017: Our regular schedule and visits to Totton and Nautilus.

2016: Totton, Nautilus, St Albans and Ipswich saw or suffered our presence during this year.

2015-2012: Much more of the same.

2011: Recently we have had some great numbers for sessions at Sawston and the enthusiasm has led to some more club visits. We also went to a friendly mix-and-match tournament in Totton, enjoyed it and learnt lots. We are going to Nautilus in November, where we're in Division 4 and expecting to see some familiar faces now playing for new clubs.

2009/2010 summary: A bit patchy as far as organised tournaments go but we have played at St Albans, Luton and Ipswich - in various degrees of team completeness. We've seen guests from some of those places and returning players from further afield: London, Birmingham, Edinburgh, Orkney Islands, China ...  (BTW, we think our furthest ex-player is at the southern tip of New Zealand's South Island.) Some of us even tried to learn some refereeing.

Some older news (history?) of the Piranhas' outings and of individual members:

February 2009: Edinburgh Hippos' invitational tournament

With a couple of members studying north of the border, it was time to steal them back from their teams and have a reunion around Portobello Pool. Somehow we remained unbeaten on the day and some of us even joined the 6pm dip in the Firth of Forth.

2009: Lewis and Hamish both qualify for Scotland team.

September 2008: Half the team leave for uni. Good luck guys!

August 2008: Bog snorkelling? Yes! The World Championship in Mid-Wales delivered no trophies but some honour for a minority contingent.

Sat 8th March 08: U19's Regional tournament

With only Lewis Will and Hamish able to attend we were joined by Mike (Thames Valley) to make a formidable foursome! To make up the numbers we had to "borrow" players from the other teams. Unofficially we won the tournament but as we did not represent a true team we were not allowed to take the honours. But it showed the true strength of the players as they were able to adapt to new players joining them for every game and still pull off some amazing victories. A big thank you to all the players who helped fill the gaps in the team!

Sat 23rd February 08: University Nationals

Under the disguise of: Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge. We had our most notable outing yet! At Coventry the mighty warriors convened, noticeably lacking the presence of the towel boy (who has women parts), who'd had a bit of a rough night the day before (and was now in Will's sister's bedroom, alone may I add!). The tournament started well with a mighty win, draw, win, draw. The spirits were high, however the bodies were weakening, and the next two games ended with small losses. The mighty were not shaken, their earlier performance had put them in the top half of the rankings and they went on to play the top three teams from the other group. The strength returned with full force and three brave fights ensued! Two close losses and a draw ensured the mighty moved up a place, and finally finished in a very respectable sixth place out of thirteen! Well done fine warriors! Special mentions go to Mikey, now a full fledged member of this band of heroes and with a mighty goal to finish the tournament!

Sat 5th January 08: Nautilus

Bit of a later report but we came back alive, unfortunately the result didn't match our performances!

Fri 21st September 07: Big Al's Leaving Curry!

After a awesome training session, we headed into the depths of Cambridge to the Saffron Curry House, for a hearty and slightly loud meal! Even with Will's curry sweats and Al's dislike of curry :P We had a proper night out!

Sat 21st July 07: Lewis in Barcelona

Lewis has his debut outing with GB U19's in Barcelona. Sawston Piranhas are going global!

Sat 15th June 07: Plate Final

We were offered KSW's place in the plate finals when they dropped out
we went and had a lot of fun! Played amazingly well, particular praise must go to some of the defensive feats pulled off! and the forwards commitment to breaking through the opposition. Not unexpectedly we lost every game! (Nor did we score!)
But the score lines became increasingly lower for the opposition. And with no subs we must take some credit for that! so all in all slightly disappointing score lines but we had a great day out and really can't wait to play again!

Sat 26th May 07:

The cool crew headed off to the U19's training session once more
Watch out Basingstoke... Here comes Hamish, Lewis and Mark!
All 3 returned with only minor injuries (underwater rugby t'was fun)
Really enjoyed themselves, didn't feel as far behind the rest as last time!
Hamish has his hopes for South Africa we'll wait and see, they may need someone to carry their kit
Big thanks to Rob and Sarah Liscoe!

Sat 28th April 07: National Quarter Finals

We had an awesome day out at Sheffield, meet so many great people
And gained so many tips and tactics from the oldies!

Although, coming last in our group, and only scoring 6 goals by default, the team played brilliantly and put up a good fight!

Sat 14th April 07: Guildford U19 Tournament

Although horrified to find out we were playing at 4 metres! Sawston put in a very respectable performance and came 3rd.

Sat 31st March 07: GB U19 Training

The team join the GB U19 squad for training, almost died in the process, but strangely the lads enjoyed themselves and some are even considering going back!

Sat 13th Jan 07: Nautilus

Our first ever match!
Came 3rd in Division 4 - we felt like 1st anyway!