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Increased Membership

At present, we have gained several new members in recent months and we have requested that the pool puts on an extra lifeguard due to the increased numbers. 

The increased membership brings additional challenges


Improving Technique-how to flick the puck

A key skill of playing hockey is the ability to flick the puck, to some people this comes naturally,  but most have to work hard to develop and perfect the technique and there is always room for improvement, (I am still practising and improving after playing for 30 years)

Here is a link to a Youtube video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ylBLd3bQlc.  This gives some very clear guidance on how to flick a puck,  please play this to your youngsters just prior to the hockey sessions for the next few weeks.  We will focus on improving everyone’s flick over the next few weeks. 

 Kit for sale-

We have a selection of kit for sale, please see Mick on Thursday evenings at 8:30 or 9:00pm  (not before the session) or contact on 07951834903 orhydukes@btinternet.com.  If any parents want to buy kit for birthday presents, we are good at keeping secrets!!  If you would like any guidance on buying kit, please talk to Mick or any other instructor, there is a lot of snorkelling equipment on sale that is not suitable for hockey,  it frequently does not comply with the rules of the sport (mainly for safety reasons) or it will just not do the job. 


If we don’t have the exact size we can get it at fairly short notice

 (any profit made from sale of kit is used to benefit junior hockey)


I have a few different models which will fit most people,  cost £25-30


Plastic bats designed by one of the top international players, cost between £22 and £40, there are a variety of designs in the club box for you to try.


At present there is only one manufacturer producing gloves and these cost £37. I would have to order these in for you.

 External Mouthguards

 £3.50 each, these need to be cut to fit your snorkel.  These help protect your mouth from injury and are compulsory for matches; it is highly recommended that they are worn at all times


We have excellent snorkels available with valves for suitable for juniors, and can be fitted with external mouthguards. Cost £15.50 (£19 with mouthguard fitted)


I would only suggest buying fins if your feet have stopped growing.

There are a lot of fins in shops which are unsuitable for Hockey , either because they have sharp edges(dangerous) or are just too small and floppy(no power) I do have some available for sale covering most sizes.  Costs between £30 and £40

 Fin Grips

£4 per pair