Welcome to the latest edition of the Newsplash from Rochdale Underwater Hockey

 Nautilus Competition

First of all, an excellent days competition for 9 members of the Rochdale team who played for the Manchester Squad  at the Nautilus National Competition 15th-16th October.

 Zack played for the A-team, Ethan and Dane played for the B-Team and Becci, Jack, Isaac, Brandon, Alison, Helen and Mick played for the C-Team.

The C-team won bronze medals in their division, which was a great achievement; for most of the team, it was their first time playing in an open age group competition.  None of the other teams in the division had any junior players and all of the referees and other teams were very complimentary about our team and their efforts. We were slightly unlucky in playing our two most difficult games early on in the competition, but lost to the Division winners with a score of 3-2, so it was very close indeed.

 New members

A big welcome to Tom and Ruby, our two latest members,  if you have any questions just ask. 

We are still looking for more new members,  if any of your friends, relatives, neighbours would be interested in having-a go, please invite them along to try our great sport.

 Club Equipment

At the moment some club equipment is being taken home by members, please can you ensure that ALL club equipment remains at Oulder Hill.  The only exception to this, is if you are training or playing at another pool during the week ahead.  Although to be honest if you have reached that standard of play you should be thinking about buying your own equipment.

 Dates for your calendars and diaries

February 18th  Regional Tournament Under-19s Newport.   If you wish to represent North Region at this Tournament, please let me know,  this is also open to all players in years 10 and 11.

February 25th Regional Tournament Under-12s, Under-14s and Under-16s at Newport. If you wish to represent North Region at this Tournament, please let me know.

Ø  Please let me know if you would like to be considered for these tournaments, ideally before Christmas, as we need to fit you into teams with players from several other teams in the North.

 11th March MOT (Manchester Octopush Tournament) open age group competition

 1st July 2017 Junior National Championships,  Leeds, Under-12, Under-14, Under-16 and Under-19 age groups

Christmas 2016

Thursday 22nd December, pool session on as usual

Thursday 29th December, we have had a discussion with the pool management and, although the pool is not open in the evenings after 5:00pm between xmas and new year, we have arranged for there to be a session on 29th December.  This session will be from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. 

 If any parents wish to purchase kit as Christmas presents please talk to Mick as soon as possible, so that he can ensure that he has what you want!!  We are good at keeping secrets.  A list of kit available is at the bottom of this mail.  If anyone wants T-shirts and hoodies with the club logo on, please e-mail Ian Tait iantait100@gmail.com and he will liaise directly with you.


 Mick, Barrie and the instructor team



We have a fair amount of kit for sale and if we don’t have the exact size we can get it at fairly short notice.  If any parents want kit for Christmas or Birthday presents and don’t want your youngsters to know please call me or speak to me at the pool on Thursdays.

(any profit made from sale of kit is used to benefit junior hockey)


I have a few different models which will fit most people,  cost £24-30.  There are a lot of masks on sale which are unsuitable for hockey, if you would like advice  please ask.


Plastic bats cost between £22 and £40, there are a variety of designs in the club box for you to try.  These should last for at least 5 years and probably more.


At present there are very few people manufacturing  gloves and, the ones we can get, cost £35. 


A pair, (one of each colour ) £14

 External Mouthguards

£3.50 each, these need to be cut to fit your snorkel.  These help protect your mouth from injury and are compulsory .


We have excellent snorkels available with valves, suitable for juniors, and can be fitted with external mouthguards. Cost £15.50 (£19 with mouthguard fitted)


I would only suggest buying fins if your feet have stopped growing.

There are a lot of fins in shops which are unsuitable for Hockey , either because they have sharp edges(dangerous) or are just too small and floppy (no power) I do have some available for sale covering most sizes.  Costs between £30 and £40.

The more experienced players can mail order from a range of fins, but these are much more expensive. If you would like some info or guidance please ask Mick or Ian.

 Fin Grips (help to hold your fins on your feet)

£4 per pair

 Mick Hyde