GUWH Club Constitution 2021.pdf

(updated for change of bank and to allow virtual meetings)

GUWH Privacy Policy


GUWH take Safeguarding seriously and follow the BOA guidelines, which have adopted the BSAC Safeguarding policy as best practice. The policy can be found here: BSAC Safeguarding Policy

Please report any concerns to the GUWH Child Welfare Officer (Steph Eilerts de Haan), or any committee member of GUWH, BOA or BSAC. Please ensure "That is persons who are told or made aware of the concerns affecting the wellbeing of a child are kept to a minimum on a strictly “need to know basis”. However it is important the Club members do share relevant information that lead to the concerns for a child with the relevant statutory organisations as soon as possible after the concerns is raised.

Remember: it is not for you to decide a child is or may be at risk of harm or abuse but it is for you to refer that information to the professional bodies that can assess risk and act as required."

The concerns rasied should be recorded on the BSAC Referal form as soon as practical... Safeguarding Referral Form


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