Making a glove

There are two options for making a glove - either using Silicone or Latex.  Silicone gloves are a bit simpler and quicker to make, a little bit more flexible (for growing hands) but perhaps less hard wearing than latex.  You also need a thicker layer of silicone to offer the same protection as a latex glove.

For a Silicone glove

There are two good videos on YouTube - they're from the US so some of the materials have different names (silicone caulk = decent bath sealant) but give a clear view of how to do it.   The first video covers materials, the second video is about how to actually make the glove.  It's probably worth using a man-made fibre for the glove (see below) rather than cotton as it's less liable to rot.

For a Latex glove you will need

Making the glove (it helps to have an assistant)

 If you have not used all the latex it will store if kept airtight.

Cotton Glove left, Exfoliating Glove right.  Snoopy loops from bicycle tyres on first finger retains the bat in your hand.


Protection to thumb and first finger


 The exfoliating gloves hold their shape better

Palm cut out or no latex to provide grip. 

Protection to knuckles - note cotton glove folded back at the wrist