The Committee - 2017-8



AGM September 10th 2017 @ Spectrum Guildford 3.45pm in the meeting room
Gavin, Kirsten, Paul, Kevin, Keith, Lorna, Emily, Sue McKeown Julia Dickinson, John Linin
All committee are here
Rob, Jen, Ellie, Steph, Ed
Secretary apologised for forgetting to bring her notes and agenda!
Minutes of last AGM:
Acceptance of the minutes post meeting as they were forgotten: Proposed by Gavin & Seconded by Keith
Reports from committee
Welcome to all
The advertising banner is now behind the bracing.
We have continued advertising on various apps: sofa dodger, next door, eagle radio, get active. Facebook page and Twitter presence, Whatsapp. We have two turning up from Get active.
Sport for all is 1st weekend in Oct. and there is a sports park event in June that we should try to be involved in.
We had good contact with the sports development officer but have not been able to achieve contact with the replacement Caroline but Gavin is still working on it.
There is concern about communication as some are not receiving the emails, the new schedule is not on Facebook or the BOA club site. Kirsten is having trouble uploading attachments to the club site.
We fielded a team to two Nautilus competitions since the last meeting but did not qualify for the national tournament (Nautilus is now the qualifier).
The ladies entered two national competitions since the last meeting December and March. We dropped a place last time due to play off confusion so we fielded just 2 players for the start of the last game (Lorna & Emily)
Prawle happened with fewer tents this year but fantastic weather again.
The pancake evening in Guildford was well received and we should do it again.
Barbipush tournament was also successful with an alternative mix and match format. Some inconsistency in submitting ability.
Refs Qualifications : Paul, Kirsty and Keith are level 1 qualified. We all need to get ref hours in to qualify as level 1 refs and level 2 will be required next year.
We continue to use the website to publish the timetable, results and guidance on equipment. Membership renewals and registering members for 2016-2017 ran smoothly this year.
We have the following membership
Standard 20 (was 23)
Student  10  (was 3 )
Junior    13 (was 10)
Total     33 (was 36)
3 less than last year but still lots less than 2013's 51 total. We are expecting a couple more to start in the next term.
No Associate Members from other clubs.
We have changed to termly fee for juniors as there is always confusion about having paid at half term. Improved communication with treasurer for tracking payments but we are still failing to chase non-payment when the secretary is not at a session. The master list does show who has been recorded as paid cash/ bank transfer. 
The club has benefited in reliability of attendance in the past but we are not in a position fund the cost of junior competitions.
Accounts are showing an improvement on last year. £1k funds in the saving account must be spent on kit from a grant.
Attendance is just sustainable for the club.    We have some guests from other clubs but believe the cost may be putting some off.
Quarterly payments have been trialled but there has been a drop off. It was agreed to continue if the treasurer is happy to administer it.
We need goals and barriers for the junior tournament to be paid out of grant money
The BOA have asked us to sell raffle tickets – agreed we might be able to sell 2-5 books and can always ask for more if needed.
The BOA have asked us to fund the upcoming tournament £500. It was agreed that the club does not have spare funds so cannot contribute without risk to the club. It was noted that other clubs benefit from significantly lower pool fees and more funding than we do.
The last-minute turkey burn last year was advertised too late to attract support so did not cover the pool costs despite the reduced rate. It was agreed that there isn’t a suitable Sunday this year either.
Social Secretary (Jen & Ellie not attending)
We had a fewer meals after sessions, a successful camping weekend at Prawle and an Xmas pub dinner this year.   
Junior Coaching
Junior Coach – Paul Mitchell  
Numbers are expected to remain similar this year with some new and some leaving for uni.
We competed at the junior nationals
Two juniors played for GB - Emily & Lorna.
Thanks to members for helping out with juniors and for providing opposition/ additional strength to the game.
We are looking to host the 2018 junior nationals if we can get pool time.
Player of the year – Lorna Dickenson
Junior player of the year – Emily McKeown for a second year running
Election of officers (no voting as we don't have any resignations or new volunteers)
Chair - Gavin (still chair for life!)
Treasurer – Kevin
Secretary – Kirsten
Social Secretary – Ellie/ Jen for ad hoc events.
A sub-committee for the GUWH junior tournament 7th July at the sports park was appointed:
Paul, Julia, John, Sue
A sub-committee to look after the kit was appointed:
John, Sue?
A sub-committee for raising money for the BOA International tournament was appointed:
Julia, John,
John said the local pool in Aldershot could be available for 3 hours at £280 so viable for a junior team building event.
Sue is happy to train as a lifeguard. Gavin explained this is much more onerous than it used to be as regular refreshers are required.   Gavin will ask if we can use a spotter on the side in place of a second life guard for our sessions. The reason given in the risk assessment is to see the bottom from both sides
Club Kit
The barriers are getting tired and will need to be replaced for the junior tournament.
We have purchased more 5-6 fins and are still waiting for 2 pucks from customs. 
Gavin has spare snorkel bites and straps to be fitted. 
Simon regularly borrows sticks and pucks – we need to formalise who he should liaise with. It was confirmed that there is little wear and tear associated with this.