GUWH AGM May 22nd 2022 7.30pm  

Raj Doot Curry house Guildford.    



Gavin, Kirsten, Paul, Kevin, Keith, Ed, Steph Freya, Karen C, Dan M, Louise M, Rob S 


Jen, Rob L, Matt B 

Minutes of last AGM: 

Acceptance of the minutes: Proposed by Gavin & Seconded by Kevin 

Reports from committee 


Welcome to all.  It is great to be back in a curry not Zoom 

An interesting year for the club  

  • starting in lockdown 
    Individual training started Mid-April  

  • First session 17th May in the dive pit now moved to Wednesday with new start time 7.45 and main pool session as before. 

  • Lido starting early June as usual 

Thanks to Kevin for all the work during pandemic liaison with Freedom Leisure Management and trying to sort out bookings and registrationA great job 

WhatsApp group for registration is working well although there is feedback the teams are not always balanced from the spreadsheetOpportunity for others to step up??  Please say if you are not happy. 

31st July Barbipush: the best team won last yearNot date set for this year as we are awaiting someone to organise this first. 

21st Aug BOA restart tournament we didn’t get a team together but some did play separately. 

17th Oct Nautilus tournament we played well as a team and came 4th in the division just behind Sussex.   

2022 Womens’ national qualifiers have already happened. 

Prawle – a couple of campers went in 2021 and a new date is set for 2022. 

Xmas curry happened 

Spectrum updated their clubs’ webpage, but prior to the AGM I was unable to find information on usWe still get a fair number of enquires with no single source dominatingOne person looked for the sport when a contestant mentioned it on “the chase” 



Kevin showed a spreadsheet for the accounts 2021-2022 

The trend is upwards but the report is missing £400 owed to the Lido. We are just keeping pace with Spectrum/ Lido price rises (some discussions with the Lido were necessary to make it viable as it is up 70% and they want to charge for ½ not 1/3 of the pool. 

The bank account has been changed to avoid feesSignatories are GC, KH, KM.