GUWH  AGM June 4th 2023 @ the Raj Doot meeting 8pm  


Gavin, Kirsten, Paul, Louise, Dan M, Kevin, Keith, Rob L (Brad), Rob S Ed, Steph, Freya, Ellie, Helen, Gavin G 



Minutes of last AGM: 

Acceptance of the minutes: Proposed by Gavin & Seconded by Kevin 

 Reports from committee 


Welcome to all.  Another positive year for the club. 

Tournaments all included juniors on our team: 

Nautilus – went very well and we exceeded expectations coming 3rd in the group 

SUHCIT – Friendly competition at Sussexx 

Qualifiers – Another competition where we ended higher than at the start 

Barbipush – no tournament but Sheena and Ellie are organising one for this summer 22nd July 

Socials.  A few tents were at Prawle last year but bookings look much better this year 7-9th July. 

Annual xmas dinner after the session was well attended 

Thanks to Kirst, despite hanging up her sticks continues to come and take photographs which some enjoy. 

Apologies for the pool booking mix up to all the juniors and coaches.  The booking process is shared more widely so this shouldn’t happen again. 

WattsAPP group still working well for planning teams and advising on last minute issues with pool such as power cut.  

We have a steady stream of new player enquires mostly juniors still getting the occasional travelling visitor. 


Kevin showed a spreadsheet for the accounts 2022-2023 

Pool fees have increased significantly but we have some float to keep prices the same.  Note that we do not charge the juniors in the dive pit but do for the Lido.  Lido fees mean that we need a good attendance and will charge £5 for people who join us to swim. 

The contact form is now on the website with committee member access for NOK if required.  No need for separate forms/ lists. 

Proposal to keep the summer to 1 hour with no coaching but space for juniors to play. 


We have the following membership 

Standard 25 (was 22)  

Student and Junior 25 (was 33)  

Associate 22