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The Committee of the British Octopush Association strive to deliver the highest level of support for our members but the volunteers achieving this depend upon our members awareness of the services we provide.



  1. To be open and accessable to all groups and ages of Underwater Hockey players
  2. To administrate its membership in an efficient and consistent way
  3. To provide an easy mechanism to identify members, clubs and teams
  4. To generate revenue to enable the British Octopush Association to support and develop Underwater Hockey in the UK
The administration of membership is managed by a paid administrator. This ensures that it is managed in an effective and consistent way.
There are 5 types of membership, that provides a structure to help the organisation to be open and accessable to all groups and ages.
All prospective / would-be members (new applicants who do not have British Octopush Association membership) are responsible for completing their own on-line registration, this can be accessed from the home page of www.gbuwh.co.uk .  Adult and Student member applications will need to agree to the BOA rules (electronic tick box) and send the remittance to the British Octopush Association address displayed at the end.  However Junior applicants will need to print the confirmation page and complete the signatures (applicant & Parent / Guardian) as requested, before sending it with the remittance.  
All membership types are valid for one year, however if you wish to continue your membership, you will need to renew during the Common Renewal period, (normally September), your club membership secretary will contact you prior to this to seek your agreement (and fee) for renewal.

Updated by Phil Thompson on 31/01/14