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Sport Development Fund


The concept of the Sport Development Fund (SDF) originated in 2004, during the preparation for the Underwater Hockey World Championships - Sheffield 2006. It was envisaged then that fund raising could be associated with a variety of awareness programmes not just this major competition. The 2006 World Championships put its surplus back into the SDF. The fund was recently used to support the 2019 World Age Group Championships, also held in Sheffield in 2019.

Raising Funds

Funding for UWH in the past has relied on many local initiatives. There is no reason why these should not continue. The Sport Development Fund (SDF) exists to help get some of these projects off the ground and make these ideas work on a national scale, where possible. The key benefit of a national fund is the ability to take a longer term, wider or national view on the development of the sport throughout the UK. The national fund can then be used to supplement the good work by those who are putting in the effort to raise the game.

Applying for the SDF

A sub-committee has been established to manage the fund, chaired by the SDO. The BOA sub-committee will be considering projects, suggestions and proposals put forward by the membership, using the application form, and making their recommendations to the BOA committee.

Proceeds from the SDF will be used for the following three main types of development: -

  1. Promoting the sport, trial sessions and starting new clubs and teams;
  2. Encouraging greater and wider involvement in the sport;
  3. Training, improving and coaching courses & schemes;

The SDF gives us the opportunity to invest in a variety of projects at all levels of the sport. The memberships have contributed to the raising of these funds and are now suggesting projects to invest in.

Members who have a project to suggest should refer to BOA documentation for advice on accepted principles within the BOA, such as the BOA Club Handbook. The documents have been approved by the committee and can be downloaded from here.

SDF Funding Documentation
Format Funding Process Documentation Funding Application Form
PDF SDF Funding Document Application Form
Microsoft Word SDF Funding Document Application Form

Please send completed applications and any comments to the SDO.

Updated by Phil Thompson on 16/03/20