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Competitions Info

The British Octopush Association aims to: -

  • Include underwater hockey competitions for all members, at all levels.
  • Provide a competitive national structure.
  • Make and enforce the rules and regulations.

Its objectives are: -

  • Governance of all Underwater Hockey competitions.
  • Local, regional and national competitions run on an annual basis.
  • Tournaments increasingly inclusive across the range of players representative of the membership.

Major competitions take place at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield and John Charles Aquatic Centre in Leeds. Where necessary, teams are seeded according to their finishing place in the last competition. Both open and ladies teams play at many of these underwater hockey competitions.

BOA Competitions Rules

The overarching rule set is linked here. This document has links to the rule sets for the competitions below.

BOA National Championships

These are typically run from March to July each year and feature teams from Plymouth to the Orkney Islands. There are qualifiers & finals which are run on separate weekends.

BOA Nautilus National League

This is another national level competition which attracts teams from all over GB. There are 43 teams which are split into 6 divisions and are played over one weekend.

BOA Womens National Championships

We now have over 150 women who compete annually for the Ladies National Championship.

BOA Veterans Championships

In 2018 the BOA hosted its first 50 year old plus tournament. Both male and female players are invited as long as they are 50 or over on the 1st September of that year.

BOA Junior National Championships

The Juniors compete in different categories from Under-12's to Under-18's. Age limits are based on age on September 1st, and therefore follows the school year.

BOA Student Nationals

Student Nationals aka 'Brit Unis' has been an annual tournament where mixed teams from Universities across the country compete in friendly competition. University teams enter from all parts of the UK from Belfast to Plymouth, Stirling to Bangor. Student Nationals is not only an opportunity to compete but also a great chance to socialise during the competition and at the after party.

Historically the tournament has been organised and hosted by one of the competing universities each year, however, in 2019 representatives from the competing universities decided to formalise the tournament into the BOA calendar. The 2020 student nationals will be held in Coventry and will be a transition year when the new rules will be formalised and put into practice as well as the first ever BOA draft  which will be implemented allowing players from Universities without teams to join other teams and compete in the event.

Please message our competitions manager for clarification of entry requirements for Student Nationals.

Other Competitions

Competitions are run locally by many underwater hockey clubs and attract teams in many categories.

Some dates for your diary:

For further details please see the underwater hockey events section, or contact the organiser via the 'Events Page' or the Competitions Manager.

Updated by Laura Moss on 20/02/23