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Free Trial of UWH

Underwater Hockey - Played by ages 7 to 70.

Can you swim?... Then you can play! Clubs throughout the UK are running free trials for people who interested in trying Underwater Hockey (UWH).

There are all kinds of teams available to suit age, gender and competitive level, such as Adults, Juniors (Under 13, Under 16 and Under 19), Women's teams and many clubs that play just for fun.

What can you expect?

UWH is the ultimate aerobic sport - breathing, timing and team play being more important than fitness, skill and ability. These things also become important as you become more proficient, but are not essential in order to play.

Do you want to get fit? Get playing? ...Get more information!

If you'd like to start playing you can use the 'Find a club' option on our home page, contact one of our registered clubs or Sport Development Officers.

Our GB teams play in international tournaments each year - one day you could be playing for one of the GB squads!

Updated by Phil Thompson on 16/03/20