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A Brief Description of the Cover

The Public and Products Liability Insurance is in place for up to £5,000,000.

The BOA public liability insurance is in place to permit members to book pool sessions with ease. Most pools in the UK require insurance to be in place before they will allow you in the pool, and it can be very expensive to arrange cover on a club by club basis. Our insurance is a very cost effective alternative, and covers members playing in other BOA pool sessions. Naturally, we cannot purchase insurance on behalf of non-members, so it is a prequisite that all players at a pool session are BOA members. Any person who wishes to come and try Octopush must be registered as a member (temporarilly) normally for up to four weeks and hence will be covered by the BOA insurance.

NOTE: Insurance covers all BOA members. A BOA Member Club is only covered by BOA insurance if all players in at a given session are BOA members.

For more information on insurance or to make a claim please contact the

For clubs wishing to make pool bookings we have a To Whom It May Concern Letter showing evidence that our insurance is in place until 31st Aug 2024

We are aware and encourage members to visit other clubs/sessions, perhaps whilst travelling for work, to ensure these individuals are valid members to comply with the cover provided, you can check the status of any member here

Updated by Phil Thompson on 25/08/23