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Like many governing bodies the BOA have been working hard to ensure we can support our clubs and members during these difficult and demanding times, we are keen to follow the guidance provided by the government(s), whilst sumultanioulsy collaberating with other governing bodies to enure any restrictions are challenged as necessary.


Our guidance is intended to be used to faciltite the safe return to the pool for our member clubs


Our working group has collaberated with:

  • Sub Aqua Association (SAA), the National Federation for Underwater Hockey in GB
  • CMAS is the International Governing Body (Federation)
  • BDSG (British Diver Safety Group) ( which is a repository for wide-ranging advice covering all aspects of underwater activities. The BDSG consists of representatives from a broad spectrum of national agencies including the RNLI, HSE, MCA and UKDMC to name just a few.


For pool / facility managerment, please laise with the club represntative responsilble for the booking, in conjuction with our guidance and local risk levels. For levels 2 (high) and 3 (very high) this may include fin swimming / skills (in socially distanced lanes) and 3v3 games for U18s, or individuals for the same household, or support bubbles.


2nd of Dec 2020 update - Training in the form of fin-swimming and individual skills can be undertaken (socially distanced), as these are not Group Exercises.


May 2021 update - Further of lockdown restrictions being reduced on the 17th May, the guidance for clubs has now been updated, see section 5.5.

Updated by Phil Thompson on 23/05/21