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UWH Coaching scheme

The BOA has developed the 'Club Coach' course which is available for BOA members. Courses have been run in Edinburgh, St Albans, Batley and Plymouth, with further courses being scheduled. Feedback from the five courses run so far has been extremely positive.

The 'Club Coach' course is aimed at NVQ Level 1 / UKCC Level 1 and focuses on the basic skills a coach needs to be able to plan and deliver an effective and safe underwater hockey session. The course comprises of a number of modules and can be run over a weekend or over a series of weeks. Anyone wishing to run a course in their area should contact the coaching team (see details below) who will give you more background information.

The 'Club Coach' course is the first of a BOA-commissioned coaching scheme, which will link in with the BOA Awards Scheme. The structure of the coaching scheme is shown on the BOA Coaching Directive issued to Tim and Libby Dale (see attached) who have established a working group to prepare and deliver the courses.

The remaining courses are being developed. Any queries or anyone wishing to contribute or to organise a 'Club Coach' course in their area should email

Updated by Phil Thompson on 16/03/20