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How do I join the BOA?

Joining the BOA is easy, just click "Join the BOA" from the homepage, follow the process, and submit your application, oh yeah and don't forget to send your remittance.

NB. Junior member applications will need to print the form, have it signed by a parent or guardian and send a copy of their birth certificate or passport.

I am a player at an active listed club, how do we register the club?

Just login to the website (using your username and password) and access the "Registering a club" from the "Membership" menu, add the membership numbers of each officer and submit the form.

I've forgotten my password, how do I login?

Please use the password reminder function on the homepage (in the login box, top right), or click here.

I am an existing BOA member and my membership is due to expire, what should I do?

You should contact your club Membership secretary who is responsible for all club member's renewals. NB there is no need to register your details using the online application form, if you create a new (duplicate) profile it will most likely be removed.

My club has not renewed my membership, and I wish to re-join what should I do?

You must re-submit your existing profile using your username and password. The website will recognise you, and present your existing details as held on file, you can then amend as necessary, choose your preferred club and re-submit. Your profile will be re-activated upon receipt of the correct fee, if you create a new (duplicate) profile it will most likely be removed.

Does the BOA insurance cover me when participating in UWH at other sessions or tournaments?

Yes, for more details on the BOA insurance and the level of cover, please click here.

How to add info / amend our club homepage?

To edit your club homepage you will need to be an Officer (Chair, Secretary or Treasurer) or enabled as the webmaster, if you have any of these roles, simply login to the main BOA website and click "Edit your Club's Site" [top right].

I have overpaid my membership fees, or my club has also paid my renewal, what happens to the additional fees?

All additional monies beyond the membership requirements will be held as a credit against the club to which the membership applications relate. The BOA will notify the club secretaries of any credits held and a refund of overpaid fees can be arranged.  

Updated by Phil Thompson on 16/03/20