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History of UWH and the BOA

I started diving in 1949 from scratch. There was NO equipment what so ever on the market and no books on amateur diving or any divers I had seen or heard about.So, why go underwater? Crazy as it may seem, I found a 1930's book in the Public Library by Dr William Beebe- 'One-Mile Down', in his Bathysphere. The book itself did not give me any great desire to emulate the Doctor's exploit. Sitting inside an iron ball dangling in the sea on a mile of wire........continued
An English Invention
(Article by Alan Blake, Southsea No 9 Branch of the British Sub-Aqua Club)
At the close of summer 1954 with evening diving curtailed, the prospect of six months confined to a swimming pool was daunting. As Branch Secretary at the time it seemed essential that a competitive game was needed to soak up the winter interlude........continued
How the BOA was formed
by Cliff Underwood
It took a while for this new game to take off, as in these early days, word of mouth was the only publicity available, but slowly interest in the game grew, mostly among diving clubs along the south coast. It soon reached a point where clubs started play each other and it quickly became obvious that if the game was going to become competitive, then much tighter rules and control of the game was required.......continued.

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