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BOA Qualifiers 2024

Type of event
Competition with Team Registration
JCCS Leeds
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Event Owner
Cameron Sleeth
No. of teams
A maximum of 24
Age Categories:
Start Date
17/02/2024, 08:00
End Date
18/02/2024, 18:00
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Event overview

BOA Qualifiers 2024

The following teams have finished in the top 24 at Nautilus and are therefore invited to qualifiers.

The teams are ordered based on their national seedings (Based firstly on the results from last year's finals) then for any team who did not attend finals it will be based on their Nautilus ranking.

Rank 1 - 12

Rank 13 - 24

Rank 1

Southsea A

Rank 13

West London B

Rank 2

Yorkshire A

Rank 14

Southsea B

Rank 3


Rank 15

B'mouth ^ S'oton

Rank 4

West Wickham A

Rank 16


Rank 5


Rank 17


Rank 6

West London A

Rank 18

St Albans

Rank 7

Manchester A

Rank 19

Glasgow A

Rank 8

Yorkshire B

Rank 20

West Wickham B

Rank 9

Manchester B

Rank 21


Rank 10


Rank 22

Yorkshire C

Rank 11


Rank 23

Manchester C

Rank 12


Rank 24

Midland Marlins

Team Registration Deadline: 22nd December 2023

Entry Fee Deadline: 22nd December 2023

Player Registration Deadline: 9th February 2024

Tournament Entry Fee - £400

Qualifiers and Finals are linked tournaments therefore teams are required to commit to both tournaments if they are successful in qualifying for finals during the qualifiers weekend.

For this reason, the entry fee for qualifiers will include a non-refundable £100 deposit for finals. A remaining balance of £200 will be payable upon qualification into finals. Therefore, the total entry fees into the two tournaments are unchanged.

Teams who do not qualify for the Trophy or Plate will be able to receive this deposit back or have this amount discounted from their next entry fee into a BOA run tournament.

If any team listed above knows they are unable to attend qualifiers please can they let me know immediately to allow enough time for us to plan around this.

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