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The National Ladder

How the BOA National Ladder, Match Report Forms and Team Structures Work.
1. How the BOA National Ladder functions
·        The ladder is always live so it should change straight after a game, whether it is a one off official BOA match or during a day’s competition at a BOA tournament.
·        If the team which is lower on the ladder wins their match then they move one space above the team they have played.
·        If the team that wins is already higher on the ladder then there is no change.
·        If the match is a draw then the team lower on the ladder moves to one place below the team they have just played.
·        After a tournament it may not be the team that has finished top of the competition that is highest on the national ladder. It depends on what order a team plays the other teams within their group and their results. It may well end up that some teams are higher than other teams on the ladder even though their final position against those teams was lower in the tournament.
2. Who/what is eligible to be recorded on the National Ladder.
·        All teams on the National ladder must be officially registered BOA teams and belonging to registered BOA clubs.
·        All players on the match report forms must be paid up members of the BOA. If not, the match would be considered a void match against that team fielding the non-eligible player. Therefore a 6-0 result would be recorded against that team.
  • All details must be filled in correctly on the ladder match report form. If not, the match may be considered void.
  • BOA Ladder Match Report forms can either be submitted by post or e-mail. If by post all the Captains’ and Referees’ boxes must be signed. If the form is submitted by e-mail, the e-mail addresses of all the Captains and Referees must be entered in the signature boxes and all captains/referees must be copied on the e-mail when it is sent into the BOA Administrator. For an e-mailed form to be valid, the other Captain or one of the Referees must e-mail confirming the results after the match form has been submitted.
  • If e-mailing a match report form please send it to comp@gbuwh.co.uk . If posting the form then it must be sent to ‘BOA Competitions Manager, 35 Rosedale Crescent, Earley, Reading. RG6 1AS.
  • Click on this link – BOA National Ladder Match Report Form to down load a match report form. Or you can source this document, within the Documents section of the BOA web site (www.gbuwh.co.uk ). Further details are given on the form to assist in its completion.
3. Who/what is eligible to compete in which teams
  • Once a BOA player has played for a team they become automatically registered to that team. If a player leaves that team to play for another team within the same club they can not return to that team they have left for a minimum of 2 months. If a player leaves their team to play for another team within another club, they may not return to play for that team they just have left for a minimum of 12 months.
  • Male players can only play for one team (all male or a mixed team).
  • Female players can play for one ladies team plus one mixed team.
  • Female junior players can play for a team within all the age groups that they qualify for, one ladies team and a mixed team.
  • Male junior players can play for a team within all the age groups that they qualify for and a men’s/mixed team. Players that are under the age of 14 on the day of a match can also play for a Ladies team.
  • Any individual BOA club is only allowed to field -
    • A maximum of two men’s/mixed teams.
    • A maximum of one ladies team.
    • A maximum of one junior team per age group.
4. How to Challenge/arrange a Ladder match
  • If your team wishes to try and move up the ladder, you simple need to play a team who is above your team position.
  • All you need to do is contact the other team’s captain/manager via e-mail and challenge them to an official ladder match.
  • The challenging team will be required to travel and play the match at the pool of the team that has been challenged. Unless the home team agrees to another location.
  • A request to play a match can not be denied. The challenged team has to agree a date within 6 weeks of the request to play the match.
  • If a challenged team fails to provide a time to play that match within those 6 weeks, they will forfeit the match and the team who requested the match will win the game by forfeit 6-0.
  • As long as all the details above on who is in the team and the match report form is sent in correctly then any game result sent in will count on the National or Ladies Ladder.

Updated by Phil Thompson on 28/11/10