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International Competitions

At the present time there are a number of International Competitions

A World Underwater Hockey Championship
Now in it's 15th year.
This event is open for all National team catorgaries:- Elite Open, Elite Women, Open masters, Women Masters, Under 19 Open & Under 19 Girls.

A CMAS World Games Underwater Hockey Tournament
Now in it's 2nd year.
This Event open to a limited number of Elite National teams only.

A CMAS European Underwater Hockey Championship
Now in it's 12th year.
This Event is open to European National teams only.

A European Underwater Hockey Club Championship
This Event is open to selected European Club teams, by invitation only.
This Competition has been going for a number of years, sometimes on a by-annual basis, others on a yearly basis and sometimes it's not run at all?
However, the first recorded Event was in 1980, in Lille, France, while the latest was in 2009 in Hungary. However, how many Events actually took place between these dates is unknown?

A Home International Tournament
The Event is for the National teams of England, Scotland and Wales (Northern Island has yet to enter a team).
This Event has been running since 2000 and up until 2008, the Event was Exclusively for Women's National teams only. However, in 2008, the Men;s National teams were included in the Event.

Updated by Cliff Underwood on 14/02/10