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AGM and other news (Bulletin 250)

16th July 2015

Octopush E-News Bulletin 250


AGM and other news




British Octopush Annual General Meeting

The 2015 Annual General Meeting was held in Ponds Forge on 28 th June 2015

There were a number of decisions made which will be detailed in the minutes when they have been agreed and approved by the Committee but below are some important points.


Team Registration Document

The BOA Committee have decided the team registration document needs to be updated and to put some firm rules in place to help registration and administration for competitions.

The document will be available when complete and approved by the Committee but some key aspects are:

Squad representatives will be required to register their squad with the BOA on or before 1st January each year.

A squad is any number of players from whom teams of up to 12 players are selected.

Players may only register with one squad in each category ie National, under 19 etc

Only BOA members may register, that means a member must be registered as an active paid up member.

On application to become a member it can take up to 14 days for membership to be activated.

Therefore joining the BOA at the last minute before a tournament will not be accepted and non UK passport holders must apply for BOA membership at least 44 days before the tournament they wish to play in so that they can be BOA members residing in the UK for 30 days prior to the tournament.


Authorised Members list

The AGM agreed that the normal frequency for DBS checks (formerly CRB) is every 3 years and the BOA procedure has been changed from 2 to 3 years.


Change of Constitution

The AGM agreed a change to the constitution to include a new category - temporary members.

A temporary member must register with the BOA then has 4 weeks to try Octopush before they should become a member.

Temporary members will be included in the BOA insurances for the 4 weeks providing all other players at the sessions are members or temporary members.

We are currently working on a temporary member application form on the web site but until that happens just email chair(at)gbuwh.co.uk and we will record the start date.

Only a new come and try it candidate may become a temporary member, we will not accept past members whose membership has lapsed as temporary members.


BOA Committee 2015 to 2016

The Committee elected at the AGM are:

Chairman                                         Ken Kirby

Vice Chair                                        Richard Adams

Secretary                                         Georgina Lamble

Treasurer                                        Lewis Saleem

Membership Secretary                 Phil Thompson

Competitions Manager                 Andrew Stillwell

National Chief referee                  Nathan Peall

Shop Manager                               Sean Phillips

Sports Development                     Jo Pitchforth

Web Site                                          Douglas Eggleton

Student Representative                Ben Lombardo

Junior Teams

The Junior Nationals were help in Plymouth recently with great success. Well done to all of those involved, especially the organisers and volunteers.

It has been noted that it is the same teams and the same people who put the effort in to coach and bring on our junior players.

Junior players are the future of Octopush and everything should be done to encourage junior teams.

It has been noted that not many of the top level teams have junior sections.

I urge all teams and clubs to make a renewed effort to start and bring on junior sections to their clubs.


Ken Kirby


British Octopush Association

Ken Kirby