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List of registered clubs

Here you'll find a list of all active Underwater Hockey teams registered with the BOA. For more information on a team, visit the club's mini-site by clicking the appropriate link next to the club.

Showing clubs from: Scotland

Aberdeen Reef Rats

Scotland 20 members 9 referees 1 coaches

Aberdeen University UH

Scotland 26 members 6 referees 0 coaches

Edinburgh University Hippos

Scotland 11 members 0 referees 0 coaches

Edinburgh UWHC

Scotland 26 members 8 referees 9 coaches


Scotland 21 members 19 referees 5 coaches

Glasgow Kingfishers

Scotland 9 members 0 referees 0 coaches

Inverness Octopush Club

Scotland 9 members 1 referees 0 coaches

Stirling University

Scotland 4 members 0 referees 0 coaches