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BOA Junior Section

Hockey Membership

There are underwater hockey clubs from Plymouth to the Orkney Islands open to junior players. Some clubs take new members from eight years old. The most important thing is* that they should be able to swim a reasonable distance and be comfortable in the water whilst learning to play Underwater Hockey. It can take some time to learn the skills necessary to play effectively, or to become confident enough to play in matches, competitions and tournaments, but meanwhile it is always possible to have fun and play in the games. 
Free Trials
Most clubs offer free trial sessions. The following clubs have Junior sessions:


Club Contact Website
Batley Jo Pitchforth www.gbuwh.co.uk/batley
Cornish Flickers (Cornwall) John Beddow www.gbuwh.co.uk/cornishflickers
Dunstable Jim Randall www.gbuwh.co.uk/dunstable  
Guildford Paul Mitchell www.gbuwh.co.uk/guildford
Isle of Wight Lawrence Schofield www.gbuwh.co.uk/isleofwight
NEM-OC (Noth East) Gareth Ayers www.gbuwh.co.uk/nem-oc
Orkney Alastair Skene www.gbuwh.co.uk/orkney
Pembroke Tim Dyson www.gbuwh.co.uk/pembroke
Plymouth John Mitchell www.gbuwh.co.uk/plymouth
Rochdale Mick Hyde www.gbuwh.co.uk/rochdale
Sheffield Chris Carelss www.gbuwh.co.uk/sheffield
Southsea Ian Burrans www.gbuwh.co.uk/southseajuniors
St. Albans ??? www.gbuwh.co.uk/stalbans 
Stoke Phil Parkin www.gbuwh.co.uk/stoke 
TSW (Team South West) Andy Smith www.gbuwh.co.uk/teamsw
West Wickham (South London) Karl Speed www.gbuwh.co.uk/westwickham
Xarifa (east Manchester Phil Thompson www.gbuwh.co.uk/xarifa
York ??? www.gbuwh.co.uk/yorkoctopush


Check out the Find-A-Club section to locate your nearest club or contact one of our Local Sport Development Officers
Playing Games
Each team (or club) plays regularly and new players are always encouraged to take part in the games that are played at these sessions. Even with very few skills, new players can be seen to take part and get engrossed in the game. 
Awards Scheme
The BOA is in the process of trialling bronze, silver and gold awards which are primarily aimed at junior players. It is hoped that they will align with Duke of Edinburgh Awards and those of other governing bodies. There is also to be a preparatory course which will introduce new players to the game and some of the skills required to play. The training delivered at the BOA clubs during one of these courses is aimed at getting the players to recognised standards. The courses will be delivered by BOA trained coaches. For details of coaching courses please refer to the coaching pages
Once the basic skills of playing have been acquired, players are encouraged to play in matches against other clubs. Games against other local teams can be arranged, as can mini-tournaments where pool time allows. 
The BOA holds an annual National tournament for Juniors which is split into two categories, Under-13’s and Under-16’s. Other competitions areheld by local clubs and are open to teams from BOA clubs all over the UK to enter. 
By teenage years most junior players are capable of playing successfully with (and against) adults, as size, age and sex make little difference to the teamwork element which becomes most important. 
University Championships
There are at least 18 University teams around the country and the University Championships are held each year during the winter season. Junior players who have played before going to university, have a terrific advantage over those that have not played before. 
Junior Resources
If you are organiser of a BOA Junior Team you may like to visit : - Junior Underwater Hockey Resources page which will require you to be logged in with your membership logon. 


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